Is 5g faster than NBN your it and tech mates

Is 5g faster than NBN in Australia?

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Is 5g faster than NBN in Australia?

Is 5g faster than NBN

Is 5g faster than NBN your it and tech mates

Is 5g faster than NBN

How 5G works and what it delivers?

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Is 5g faster than NBN your it and tech mates

Is 5g faster than NBN?

Learning with Expert – Dean Schmid (DGtek).

DGtek is one of Australia’s fastest growing privately-owned fibre operators, providing ultra fast wholesale broadband connectivity to multiple business and consumer service providers.

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How to Protect Files

Although 5G offers faster speeds than NBN, its coverage is currently extremely limited in Australia at this stage. Despite being a possible replacement for NBN for some users, 5G is unlikely to replace other types of broadband service and plans in the near future.Your IT and Tech Mates


I work for a company called DGtek who run gigabit fibre internet in Melbourne.


Recently we published an article that considered how the rise of 5G could affect the NBN economically, and we talk about the strengths and weaknesses of 5G and the NBN.


5G Will Be Faster, Cheaper, and Mobile. Does The NBN Stand A Chance?


What 5G is Not


5G is not a suitable replacement for the NBN. 5G is a technology and the other is a wholesale network that aims to cover some 95% of the country.


The economics of a 5G rollout don’t lend themselves to a nationwide rollout. The short-range (0.3km) of 5G cells means there will be more than twice as many 5G cells as there are 4G. For the foreseeable future, 5G will only be available in the most densely populated regions of our largest cities.


Is 5G faster than the NBN?


5G is capable of achieving greater than 100Mbps. 100Mbps is the fastest NBN connection. Therefore, 5G is faster than the NBN.


Here’s a speed test result a Melbourne residnet shared with me on Facebook. Feed up with FTTN, he’s switched over to Optus 5G and saved money in the process.


Optus has an unlimited 5G plan for $70 / month.


5G vs NBN your it and tech mates

Thank you, Quora.


As you can see, that’s 3x faster than the NBN and for less money than an NBN 100 connection.


He went on to explain that he has to keep his 5G modem in the bathroom by the window for the best view of the tower, and while this is purely anecdotal, he said that sometimes this speed drops off in the rain.


Most telco experts expect up to 10Gbps once 5G is fully commercially available. That will make it 100x faster than an NBN connection. Hopefully, by then the NBN will have added significant GPON to the network and be able to upgrade to 10-GPON to offer a comparable speed – I wouldn’t hold my breath.


Can FTTP Compete with 5G and Deliver The Same Speed


At DGtek we prove this every day.


Is 5g faster than NBN your it and tech mates

Thank you, Quora.


GPON fibre has a clear upgrade path that can already deliver 10Gbps without laying any new fibre. 40-GPON is the next major milestone and emerging technology like WDM-PON are capable of 25Gbps with 50Gbps on the horizon.


5G Might Be A Cheaper Last Mile


The most expensive part of running FTTP is taking it the last mile up the house. Backhaul aerial fibre is comparatively cheap and quick to build.


When you think about it, 5G is kind of just way better FTTN. The bulk of the network is fibre and the 5G cell terminates the optical signal and broadcasts into people’s houses. The mm waves have more bandwidth than copper cables or HFC, it’s a less disruptive install, and no one needs to dig up the rose bushes.


“In December 2018, ZTE and the Technology Innovation Department and Optical Access Research Department of China Telecom demonstrated that 25Gbps WDM-PON could carry 5G fronthaul services stably and transparently, with the data rate and end-to-end latency equal to those in a point-to-point direct fibre connection.” – WDM-PON: a Key Innovation to Enable 5G+FTTH Converged Gigaband Access.


They found that this combination of tech


Saves 10 percent power and shrinks space through OLT reuse.


Reduces overall investments by 50 percent.


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Is 5g faster than NBN

Is 5g faster than NBN

Reference: Dean Schmid ( Full-Stack Developer – ) – “Is 5g faster than NBN?”  originally appeared on Quora, the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.



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