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Your IT and Tech Mates protect your sensitive information, your family, and your business from cybercrime and data breaches. Tailored modern solutions for your needs and budget.

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Cybersecurity Services

We provide specialized and proactive cyber security protection services to families and small businesses across Melbourne.

  • * 24x7 Cybersecurity Monitoring
  • * Cybersecurity Audit
  • * System Penetration Testing
  • * Cyber Incident Response
  • * Personal Information Protection
  • * Cyber Security Compliance Service
  • * Ransomware Prevention
  • * Data Loss Prevention
  • * IT System and Network Hardening
  • * Security Awareness Training
  • * Scammed or hacked? Fraud Analyst
  • * Digital Forensics Investigation
  • * Vulnerability management
  • * Secure file storage solutions

Computer and Phone Repairs

We provide phone repair, tablet repairs, Apple Mac + MacBook repair, and Windows laptop + PC + computer repair across Melbourne. We can save you time and money.

  • * 24x7 virus and cybersecurity monitoring
  • * Securing your home network and devices
  • * iPhone and iPad Repair
  • * Laptop and Apple MacBook Repair
  • * Computer, PC, AIO, and Mac Repair
  • * Android Phone and Tablet Repair
  • * Internet router upgrade
  • * Mesh WiFi router upgrade
  • * Internet, WiFi, and Device security management
  • * Software upgrade and troubleshooting

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