Computer malware, viruses and worm – What’s the difference?

Computer malware

Melbourne Computer malware your it and tech mates

Computer malware, virus and worm – What’s the difference? Your IT and tech Mates

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Melbourne Computer malware your it and tech mates

Computer malware

Computer malware, virus and worm – What’s the difference?

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Difference between computer virus, malware and computer worm?


Your IT and Tech Mates Tips: It is ideal to have your antivirus program continuously protect your device since computer worms replicate themselves without human interaction. A strong antivirus program is the best way to protect your computer or mobile device. The anti-virus program will need to come with a reliable real-time scan feature. This feature actively scans your device in the background to detect and prevent the spread of computer worms, viruses, malware, and trojans.


While all three terms are often interchangeably used, they are different from each other.


Malware is an umbrella term for all malicious software that are is designed to wreak havoc on systems, networks, programmable devices, applications, and websites by exploiting vulnerabilities and weaknesses in them. Viruses and worms are types of malware. Other types of malware include Trojan horses, spyware, cryptocurrency miners, adware, botnets, ransomware, etc.


Viruses are malicious executable codes that require a host which is why they are attached to other executable files (which may or may not be malicious). When the program affected by/ attached to the virus is run by the computer, it will perform harmful activities such as deleting, adding or modifying files. They can stay dormant in the system unless some action is taken to execute them. Examples – ILOVEYOU, CREEPER, BLASTER, etc.


Worms are similar to viruses, but they don’t modify programs; their objective is to deplete system resources and slow down the computers. Often controlled remotely and executed by exploiting system weaknesses, worms replicate themselves several times, spreading to different computers via the network. Example – Morris worm, storm worm, etc.


We discuss how to stop malware before they spread in this article.

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Computer malware

Computer malware

Reference: Indusface is a leading application security SaaS company that secures critical Web, Mobile, and API applications. “What are the difference between a computer worm, computer virus and computer malware?”  originally appeared on Quora, the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.

Computer malware

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