Types of Hackers your it and tech mates

Types of Hackers to Watch Out For Your Business

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Types of Hackers to Watch Out For Your Business

Types of Hackers

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What Are The 7 Types Of Hackers?

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Types of Hackers

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Types of Hackers  your it and tech mates cybersecurity expert red hat hackers

Types of Hackers

Types Of Hackers

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Your IT and Tech Mates Tips: Investing in a reliable antivirus program is one of the easiest ways to protect yourself from hackers. Today’s cyberscape is constantly evolving, which means more and more information is available online, and countless hackers are trying to exploit it. Every hacker has a different intent, but the danger they pose to your data and business remains the same. Also as recommended by the Australian Signals Directorate ACSC has a cyber risk mitigation program in place for your business.


Most people think hackers have extraordinary skills and knowledge that allow them to hack into computer systems and find valuable information. In a cyber security world, the person who is able to discover a weakness in a system and managed to exploit it to accomplish his goal is referred to as a Hacker, and the process is referred to as Hacking. Nowadays, People started thinking that hacking is only hijacking Facebook accounts or defacing websites. Yes, it is also part of the hacking field but it doesn’t mean that it is the main part of hacking.


Who is Hacker? A “Hacker” is the opposite: someone who never goes to class, who in fact sleeps all day, and who spends the night pursuing recreational activities rather than studying textbooks. Let’s explain about different kind of hackers that exists in the cybersecurity world.


Script Kiddie: – Script Kiddies are the persons who use tools, scripts, methods, and programs created by real hackers. In simple words, the one who doesn’t know how a system works but is still able to exploit it with previously available tools.


White Hat Hacker: – White Hat hackers are good guys who do the hacking for defense. The main aim of a Whitehat hacker is to improve the security of the system by finding security flaws and fixing them. They work for an organization or individual to make cyberspace more secure. Break The Security only concentrates on white-hat hacking and helps you to learn the Ethical Hacking world.


Black Hat Hacker:- BlackHat hackers are really bad guys, cybercriminals, who have malicious intent. The hackers who steal money, infect systems with malware, etc..are called BlackHat hackers. They use their hacking skills for illegal purposes.


Grey Hat hackers: – The hackers who may work offensively or defensively, depending on the situation. Hackers who don’t have malicious intentions but still like to break into the third-party systems for fun or just to show the existence of vulnerability.


Hacktivists: – The hackers who use their hacking skills for protesting against injustice and attack a target system and websites to bring justice. One of the popular hacktivists is Anonymous and RedHack.


What is Ethical Hacking?


Ethical hacking — also known as penetration testing or white-hat hacking — involves the same tools, tricks, and techniques that hackers use, but with one major difference: Ethical hacking is legal. ethical hacking is performed with the target’s permission. The intent of ethical hacking is to discover vulnerabilities from a hacker’s viewpoint so systems can be better secured. It’s part of an overall information risk management program that allows for ongoing security improvements. Ethical hacking can also ensure that vendors’ claims about the security of their products are legitimate.


Purpose of Ethical Hacking & its Skill Set!! When I tell people that I am an ethical hacker, I usually hear snickers and comments like “Hacker(danger).” Many people ask, “Can hacking be ethical?” Yes! That best describes what I do as a security professional. I use the same software tools and techniques as malicious hackers to find security weaknesses in computer network systems. Then I apply the necessary fix or patch to prevent the malicious hacker from gaining access to the data. This is a never-ending cycle as new weaknesses are constantly being discovered in computer systems and patches are created by the software vendors to mitigate the risk of attack. Ethical hackers are usually security professionals or network penetration testers who use their hacking skills and toolsets for defensive and protective purposes. Ethical hackers who are security professionals test their network and systems security for vulnerabilities using the same tools that a hacker might use to compromise the network. Any computer professional can learn the skills of ethical hacking.


Goals of Ethical Hacker


Whether perpetrated by an ethical hacker or malicious hacker, all attacks are an attempt to breach computer system security.


The security consists of four basic elements:

  • Confidentiality
  • Authenticity
  • Integrity
  • Availability
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Types of Hackers

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Types of Hackers

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Reference: Manish Bhardwaj ( Penetration Tester ). “Which are the different types of hacking?”  originally appeared on Quora, the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.

Types of Hackers

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