How to remove ransomware your it and tech mates

How to remove ransomware from your computer?

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How to remove ransomware from your computer?

How to remove ransomware

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How to remove ransomware

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What is a Cyber Attack

 How to remove ransomware from your computer?

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What is a ransomware attack?


Malware (malicious software) such as ransomware is a type of malicious software. As soon as this virus infects your computer or files, it renders them unusable. Ransomware is used by cybercriminals to prevent you from accessing your files and devices. To regain access, you must pay them.


Your IT and Tech Mates Tips: We do not encourage the payment of ransom demands. If you do pay the ransom: there is no guarantee that you will get access to your data. By wiping all storage devices and reinstalling everything from scratch, a system can be assured of being malware-free or ransomware free. Or Recovered your files from backup data stored in the cloud and backup drives that were completely disconnected.


How to remove ransomware from your computer?


You can’t do anything if your network already got infected but rather disconnect everything that is connected to prevent the network from spreading the infection. Additionally, all the wifi and Bluetooth services must also be shut down. However, as nothing is impossible I have tried to gather some solutions below


After that, victims should determine what strain of ransomware infected them. If it’s a known variant, anti-virus companies like Kaspersky Lab may have decryptors to unlock or bypass the lock without paying the ransom depending on the quality of encryption the attacker used.


There is another solution in case your data are not backed up. Just backup the encrypted files and wait a while until some antivirus company comes up with a decryption key. Just don’t pay the ransom.


Another smart way out is if you have done a backup for your data in pre-stage and of course in offline mode and external hard drive should be connected only during backup as some ransomware manage to search out backup files an lock them too. These are mostly easy if you put your backup in network shares and external hard drive


Prevention is better than cure. Some of the good practices for preventing yourself from not being infected at an early stage are


  • Regularly backup your data to be on the safe side.
  • Don’t respond to suspicious emails.
  • Keep updated on antivirus and browser plugins.


That’s all.

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How to remove ransomware

How to remove ransomware

Reference: Dhiraz Gazurel (Cybersecurity Enthusiast). “How do I protect my network infected with Ransomeware?”  originally appeared on Quora, the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.

How to remove ransomware

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