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Will an SSD Improve My old Laptop?

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Will an SSD Improve My old Laptop?

Samsung SSD Upgrade – Huge Performance Improvement!

Will an SSD Improve My old Laptop?


SSD Upgrade – Huge Performance Improvement video power by Tech Connect.


Will an SSD Improve My old Laptop?


Yes, it does a great deal of help to upgrade your hard disk drive (HDD) with a solid-state drive (SSD). Here


  • SSDs do not have moving parts like in HDD, so it is quieter and comparatively durable.
  • SSDs require almost half the power required by HDD to operate.
  • The boot time speed and file opening speed of SSD is faster than that of HDD.
  • SSD, though is more expensive than HDD
  • SSD has a maximum capacity of 1 TB for notebook size and 4TB for desktops, whereas HDD has TB for notebook size and 10 TB for desktop.


Why is it necessary to Upgrade?



The average boot time from a solid-state drive is 10-10 seconds compared to 30-40 seconds on a hard drive. Since SSDs use non-volatile storage media in solid-state flash memory, the time required for copying/writing is also faster. Another advantage is to file open time, which is typically 30% faster.




Since SSD contain no moving parts, they are more resistant to shock and general wear, as a result of which they last 2-3 times longer than the HDD. Also, it is more suitable for mobile devices as it can take normal bumps and shocks better than HHDs.


Quieter and pleasant

You might have been frustrated by the whirring sound of your HHDs at certain times when using your computer. But, no moving parts in SSD means it is quiet at all times, and it is pleasant to work in a nice silent environment. The heat dissipation capacity of SSD is less than that of HDD, as a result of which your laptop or device won’t heat up even after using it for a long time.



SSDs consume less power than mechanical hard drives, prolonging the battery life of your laptop. This means that while travelling, laptops with SSD lasts longer than compared with the one having HDD.


Resistant to voltage fluctuations

SSDs contain a built-in power failure circuitry for backing up the data during the fluctuation of powers. They also are capable of monitoring and adjusting the fluctuations seen in voltage.


I do suggest you all upgrade your computer with SSD.


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Will an SSD Improve My old Laptop?


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