Stop Your Neighbors from Hijacking Your Wifi your it and tech mates

Stop Your Neighbors from Hijacking Your Wifi!

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Stop Your Neighbors from Hijacking Your Wifi!

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Stop Your Neighbors from Hijacking Your Wifi!

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How to stop your neighbors from hijacking your WIFI!


How to stop your Neighbors from hijacking your Wifi network? It is so simple, just change your default router password.


There are a few things you can do depending on your situation.


Is your neighbour supposed to use your Wi-Fi at all? If they are, what are their usage expectations? Do they know that you care about how they use it and was there any pre-agreed arrangement as far as sharing it?


If the above does not apply (i.e. your neighbour is not supposed to use your Wi-Fi at all) my next question would be are you happy (perhaps out of your own goodwill) to let them share your WiFi if there was a way to control their access time, bandwidth or the number of devices that can access the WiFi at any given time?


If point 1 is true, then all you need is find the ip address, usually written on the device/router that provides your WiFi. Write that ip address (usually a number such as in your browser (Google Chrome, Safari, or Microsoft Edge) in the same place/box where you write an address like The page that will open up will let you enter two pieces of information 1. Your user name and password (these are also usually at the bottom of your device. If not, the people who installed your Internet can help you find it if you can’t find it yourself in the papers or emails they sent you in line with your internet installation.


Once you find the Username and Password and enter them, the page that will come up will be where you change the password etc. Depending on your router, from this page you can control which device can connect to your WiFi, what time or for how long. Feel free to ask me for specific step by step help, if the above is not sufficient


Edit: I am so pleasantly surprised and humbled by the overwhelming response given to my answer to this question. I don’t even know who the OP is, but my answer has the most views, (over 832k!) of all the answers I have ever given on Quora, many of which have little to do with technology. The many kind comments here will sure restore anybody’s waning faith in humanity! They feel a little like comments coming from a community of people willing to help a stranger whenever it’s possible to do so. It just warms ones heart, especially given that we have so little to celebrate in these strange time ❤️


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Stop Your Neighbors from Hijacking Your Wifi

Reference: Wanzeru Ndani ( Linguist and a think out of the box Techie ). ” My neighbor is using our WiFi endlessly. How can I stop this without telling him? ”  originally appeared on Quora, the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.

Stop Your Neighbors from Hijacking Your Wifi

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