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Protecting Kids Online

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Protecting Kids Online

Protecting Kids Online

Protecting Kids Online your it and tech mates tech tips


Online safety for kids

Protecting Kids Online

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Protecting Kids Online your it and tech mates tech tips

Protecting Kids Online

How to protect your kids online?



Kids have a fantastic way of thinking compared to adults at most times. They can go from point A to point B without feeling or thinking about hundreds of other things as adults do, making it easier for them to search for answers to quash their curiosities.


While their curiosities help them identify the world around them, it is understandable that a parent wouldn’t like it to get the best of their children. Still, hovering around them 24×7 for the sake of protecting their innocence isn’t ideal either.


Hence, parents rely on apps to control their kids, or at least to proverbially “keep an eye” on their children.


Now, a child may feel bummed out after learning about its existence on their devices, perhaps even feel betrayed by their parents. In contrast, using such apps saves the parents a great deal of time they’d otherwise spend worrying about their children’s health and future, or so they think.


Here’s why parents need apps to control their kids:


  • Protection against Cyberbullying & Digital threats.
  • Staying informed about the whereabouts of Kids.
  • Maximize Physical & Psychological Development Opportunities.
  • Impart Discipline or Punishment via Screen Time control.
  • For familiarizing themselves with all the activities of Kids.


There can be numerous other reasons to install parental apps on your kid’s devices to control them in different ways. But it all comes down to the question of whether you should or should not discuss its use before proceeding to force it on them?


Features like Activity Report, App Usage & Blocker, and Parental Alerts can be accessed via parental control apps like Famisafe, which helps you feel secure in learning that your children aren’t engaging in any inappropriate behavior at home. At the same time, your usage of such features plus features like geofencing & GPS tracking also stands to compromise their privacy and disturb your emotional bond with them.


Sure, you can browse their app timeline, app usage, social media, and access other things or limit them via such apps, but it won’t help you connect with your children on an intellectual level.


Suppose you found out your child is overly indulging in social media use. So, you naturally block the app using Famisafe or other similar apps to force your child to spend their time doing other things. Resultantly, they adhere to your decision and are spending their time using Pinterest or Kindle.


The only scenario where it’s realistically believable to obtain such an outcome is when you have already discussed using such apps with your child and have their consent.

Truth About Parental Control Apps Usage



See, your children would always want to come to you with things to discuss. In my 20 years of experience studying children’s psychology and subsequent sessions with various children, the common denominator has been their fear of approaching their parents. Similarly, parents were also found to have difficulties in connecting with their children.


A primary cause of such problems is the extensive use of parental control apps.


Parents must understand that these parental control apps exist as a beneficial tool, not as an ultimate solution, and not as the set method of raising your children.


You don’t need to restrict their entire web content and limit it to basic educational websites, especially when they aren’t even likely to venture into it all too much.


Yes, filtering some apps, placing alerts for explicit texts and photos, device blocking while accessing questionable content are all fine to implement on your kid’s devices, but not without getting their consent.


Obtaining consent when you also permit them not to provide it if they feel uncomfortable about it will also make them feel valued as a human and not oppressed. According to behavioral science, feeling undervalued and oppressed has been the grounds for inciting rebellious behavior in teenagers and kids.


Positive Uses of Parental Apps to Control Kids



Here’s how you can bait your children into agreeing with the usage of apps like Famisafe and other parental control utilities beyond enabling location history:


  • Implement Smart Schedule & Reward Time for App usage.
  • Blacklisting & blocking apps as opposed to blocking devices.
  • Establishing an App limit over organizing geofencing locks.
  • Setting up Parental Alerts over monitoring the App timeline.


All in all, whether the children spend time outside or online using their digital devices, protecting them is essential to parents at all costs. Nevertheless, creating opportunities to invite discussions and topic exploration with your children will get you farther in forming a meaningful bond with them instead of learning about their day by snooping on them privately.


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Protecting Kids Online

Protecting Kids Online

Reference: Thomas Jones ( Chief Editor of Wondershare FamiSafe ). “Why do parents need apps to control their kids?”  originally appeared on Quora, the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.

Protecting Kids Online

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