protect your computer from virus your it and tech mates

Protect my PC from viruses

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Protect my PC from viruses

Protect my PC from viruses

Do You Need a surge protector your it and tech mates

10 Tips to Secure your Computer from Hackers and Viruses

Protect my PC from viruses

Secure your Computer from Hackers and Viruses video powered by ITProTV.




Do You Need a surge protector your it and tech mates

Protect my PC from viruses

8 Simple Tips – Protect my PC from viruses


Today, we rely on internet-connected devices in virtually all aspects of our lives.


Identity thieves and other fraudsters can get access to your personal information if your devices aren’t protected.

You may be infected with malicious viruses or spyware that slow down or delete files on your computer.

Spammers can send spam that looks like it came from your computer using your computer as a “zombie drone.”.

When you use safety measures and good practices to protect your devices, you can protect your privacy and the privacy of your family.


To help you reduce your risk while online, we offer the following 8 Simple Tips to protect your PC from viruses, spyware & malware.


Some of the things I tell my customers:


A good router using the insane password they often have

Using a browser like Google Chrome for example. The reason for this is NOT that Internet Explorer is necessarily crap but rather that there is so much functionality in IE that hackers have that many more ways to attempt to exploit it.

Make sure you have a strong password on your computer itself. NOT your dog’s name or your favorite sports team followed by your birthday year. This is because hackers use automated tools that will guess the most common names and numbers like pets, sports teams, birthdays, etc and in a matter of seconds or minutes the program will crack your password.

Stick to SAFE sites. If you go frolicking around to naughty places or random fan sites like comic fan sites, sports sites, or whatever… sites that may not be totally secured, you can get infected simply by connecting to the site.

Torrenting is also practically a guarantee you’ll get something nasty so avoid that if you don’t want to take a risk.

If you’re not a gamer and you just browse the web, make online purchases, type documents, pay bills, and apply for jobs, another consideration would be using an operating system called Linux as opposed to Windows. You can keep Windows installed if you play games but use Linux to browse the web. It’s free and REALLY simple to install and is far more secure than Windows.

Also, don’t let your kids run onto your account. Create a special user account with LIMITED access if you have kids or for your neighbor’s kids that may be using the computer to keep them entertained. This way if they manage to download something malicious, although you’ll get infected, the infection can’t make catastrophic changes to your system and it will be easier to repair.

Finally… if you DO get a pop-up on Windows, use “ALT” + “F4” to close them. Do not click the “X” or the “Cancel” or the “No thank you bastard I’m onto you” button because in many cases, the programmers make those buttons the install buttons. On Windows, the ALT + F4 command will FORCE the pop-up message to close without putting you in danger.


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Protect my PC from viruses

Protect my PC from viruses

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Protect my PC from viruses

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