Is Windows 7 or Windows 11 better for my old laptop?

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Is Windows 7 or Windows 11 better for my old laptop?

Is Windows 7 or Windows 11 better

Is Windows 7 or Windows 11 better your it and tech mates

Windows 7 vs Windows 11: Comparison

Is Windows 7 or Windows 11 better

Windows 7 vs Windows 11: Comparison explainer video powered by Nobel Tech.




tech hacks your it and tech mates Is Windows 7 or Windows 11 better

Is Windows 7 or Windows 11 better for my old laptop?



Personally, I would like to recommend a Linux distro like KDE Neon or Kubuntu or Linux Mint. These will easily bring new life into your old machine, But that is not what you asked. You want to run Windows. So unlike the many Linux fanboys, I will answer as is…


The first point is how old is your laptop? Old is quite a subjective term. In the tech arena, old can even mean just two years old and Windows 10 was already out and being installed on machines by then. So What OS did your laptop come with? That would be the most logical choice. But that does not tell the whole story.


In the practical aspects of it, running Windows 7 at this point and time will be OK for the most part. However it needs to be a system that is either disconnected from the internet OR that it guarded by a well built firewall and ISP setup – like in an enterprise environment. Why?.. Because Windows 7 is currently unsupported. There are no security patches, updates, etc.


Unless you are completely aware of your browsing habits, etc., running Windows 7 is a bit of a security risk. Most of the time, you should be fine, but you need to take into account that running an older OS may mean that you won’t be able to run the latest versions of browsers or other applications; that will leave your system either vulnerable or sometimes unusable.


My recommendation is to run Windows 10. It is the perfect in between the two and already has large support because it has been out for quite a while; unless you really, really want Windows. 7 or 11 or there is some reason why you don’t want to use 10.


When it comes to newer versions of Windows, they are usually built to take advantage of newer hardware and Newer versions of Windows are usually more resource hungry than the older versions. However in the case of Windows 10, it was less resource hungry than Windows 8. So I say that you need to take a look at the recommended specs for each OS first and see if your laptop will hold up to that.


In terms of drivers, Windows 11 will for the most part have the drivers to support the old hardware; newer Windows versions usually do. If they don’t you should be able to download the drivers easily.


With Windows 11, it is basically new.. Provided that it works well and fast on your system, it should work fine.


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Is Windows 7 or Windows 11 better

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Is Windows 7 or Windows 11 better

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