Identity theft your it and tech mates

Identity theft – What to do if your identity is stolen?

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Identity theft – What to do if your identity is stolen?

Identity theft

Identity Theft data security personal data your it and tech mates

How to Prevent Identity Theft

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Identity theft your it and tech mates

Identity theft

Identity theft – What to do if your identity is stolen?

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What to do if your identity is stolen?


Your IT and Tech Mates Tips: If you are a victim of an identity crime. You will need to report it to your local police department. Ask for the police report number so you can give it to your bank. Then contact your bank, change your passwords, alert your family and friends, and report to the relevant government agencies listed below.


If you or your business is a victim of identity crime and you can apply for a Commonwealth Victims’ Certificate here. The certificate will help support your claim that you have been a victim of Commonwealth identity crime and will allow you to seek assistance in rectifying problems you have suffered as a consequence of the crime.


Information about new methods of identity crime and emerging scams can be found at SCAMWatch — a website run by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.


Reports made to ReportCyber may be referred to the police for consideration and possible investigation. If you believe a crime has been committed you should report the scam to ReportCyber.


IDCARE is a free service that will work with you to develop a plan to limit the damage of identity theft.


These happen only when you have your personal information handed over could be used.


  • Steal your identity
  • Drain your bank account
  • Breach any of your online accounts
  • Ruin your credit
  • Spread malware to people you know


You should act quickly to lock the hacker out of your life long-term. You should also be able to undo some or all of the immediate problems they’ve caused you.


Here Are Some Tips To Take Action:


Check your bank accounts and credit cards. Browse all your bank activities/statements for anything you don’t recall doing. A scammer that’s got your financial info might make transfers or purchases from your accounts. Don’t just look for big purchases, cybercrimes might keep their spending limited to small splurges. Sometimes, purchases as low as a few dollars have been discovered. If you’ve spotted anything odd, report it to your bank or credit institution to halt any future use.


Change your passwords. You’ll want to change your Instagram password to be safe. So, be sure to change passwords across all your essential accounts, like banking, social media, email, and anywhere you pay bills or shop online. If you’ve ever reused passwords and usernames, a scammer can break into more of your accounts. Use unique passwords for every online account. In addition to changing your passwords, be sure to make each one challenging and different. If it’s easy for you to remember, it might be easy for a hacker to guess. Random character strings are the absolute best option.


Check your credit and freeze it. Scammers have been known to create new bank accounts and incur all sorts of debt in your name. In case your identity has been stolen, it’s wise to check your credit scores and reports. Freezing your credit is another vital step toward limiting the issues caused by known identity theft. Use an ID theft checker service. Services like these will monitor any suspicious activity across your credit, tax returns, investments etc. To keep an eye out for any other data breaches.

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Identity theft

Identity theft

Reference: Tamar Lopa ( Client Engagement Executive at Hylaine builds unique, project-based technology solutions help the clients we serve embrace digital transformation while maximizing their return on investment.). “What information is important to know to avoid being scammed?”  originally appeared on Quora, the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.

Identity theft

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