Are NAS Devices Safe your it and tech mates

Are NAS Devices Safe?

Are NAS Devices Safe

Protecting Kids Online your it and tech mates tech tips


Making Your NAS as Secure As Possible

Are NAS Devices Safe

Making Your NAS as Secure As Possible explainer video powered by



Protecting Kids Online your it and tech mates tech tips

Are NAS Devices Safe

Are NAS Devices Safe? How to secure your NAS?


Your Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices are safe as long as you take the time to make some necessary changes to your NAS device and keep its operating system (firmware) up to date. Then your office or home NAS devices provide a much better and secure long-term data storage solution, ready access and enterprise storage ready.


How to secure your NAS:


  • Use strong password
  • Use a VPN whenever you use your NAS on the internet
  • Use firewall on your NAS
  • Enabling denial-of-service (DoS) attack protection
  • Keep your NAS firmware update to date
  • Secure and close all your NAS device incoming connections and ports
  • Never use default admin accounts


As secure as you make it ! Remember these are Linux servers and proper configuration will make a very very secure NAS. You have 2FA, antivirus, access rules, https certificate import etc.


BUT At the core of Qnap is Linux Kernel. All the vulnerabilities of Linux ( not many, but there ARE) are present in QNAP. Any Linux server would have these, but still Linux servers are one of the most secure servers.


Then there are apps, native and third party. For each app you would have security preference. You can have a very secure NAS ( or linux server) with 1 vulnerability on a app making backdoors for others.


For example you can enable SSH access, ftp access and have a transmission bt client run on it. If you expose your SSH to outside world relying on password alone, its your configuration problem and will have weak security.


Or , you can run a webserver on Qnap and then let any malicious JS code run on the server, its again your configuration problem.


How secure is QNAP is like asking how secure is Linux. Its as much secure as Linux kernel and the applications you run.


QNAP also proactively pushes updates and its recommended to keep the OS ( they call it QTS) updated.


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Are NAS Devices Safe

Are NAS Devices Safe

Reference: Akash Jain ( Computer and NAS Geek ). “How secure is QNAP?”  originally appeared on Quora, the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.

Are NAS Devices Safe

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